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At Chekouts.in, we believe that the joy of travel and thrill of exploring a new place is the best experience one can ever have.

At Checkouts.in we continuously try to elevate the travel experience of people and provide them the updated information about all the exciting places in India and allow passionate travelers to connect across borders.We also offer the experience of connecting with fellow travelers across different cultures.


User Profile or Personal Page - Diary

Once you log in, your name will appear at the top, clicking on your name will take you to your profile. This personal page allows you to maintain your travel diary. Here you can give some information about yourself. You can see the list of places you plan to visit and also the list of places which you have already visited. It also shows you how many places you have shared and how many images you have uploaded.


Travel Feed Page

This Page allows you to post updates about a place/user. You can tag places and users and ask for more details about a particular place. You can also communicate with your friends and discuss your travel plans. In fact here you can do anything and everything you feel like.


Share a Place

At Checkouts.in, we make sure that we are telling about specific sites within a city rather than the whole city. For example we like you to tell us and share information about “Assi Ghat” rather than Varanasi as a whole.

We allow you to easily share a place which you have visited so that your friends and other users can get useful information about that place. It also allows you to upload the images of the places you have visited and create a personal diary of your travel experiences.

If you feel you do not know enough information about the place, don’t worry! You can leave that particular field blank. You can fill that information later or fellow travelers who have visited the same place will share that information.


Explore new places

If you want to find a place to plan your next travel then “Explore new places„ is the starting place for you. This gives you a search box where in you can apply the filters of your choice and search for places based on your interest. The search result will give you all the places sorted by their popularity. You can use the next and previous buttons to navigate through the list of places.


Place Details Page

Deciding which place to visit becomes easy if you know more about that place. Just click on any place and you will find detailed information about that place, which will not only help you select your travel destination but will also help you in planning your trip.

Here you can also show give your opinions and comments for the place.
You can add places to your wish-list and make a travel diary by adding places to your visited travel diary.

If you find that any of the information given on the individual page of a place is incomplete or empty, you can just edit it on the spot and it will be updated.

If you wish to add more images of the place in an already uploaded place, you can do so by clicking on the “Add more images for the place” button, which is right below the image slider.

You can also give your comments, suggestions, and tips for the place in the comment box located at the bottom of the page. If you want to plan a trip and want to notify your friends you can do so just by tagging them in the comment box.



You can express your travel experience in your own words and let others see the place from your eyes. You can share your experience, images, videos etc. You will get an option to tag a place to your blog and one you tag it to a place it will be shown in that place details page, from where other fellow user can easily come to your travel blog.



On every page you will find a feedback button on the extreme right of the screen. This allows you to share your experience at checkouts.in with us. Please don’t hesitate to give us your opinions and suggestions.


We will be constantly adding new features to Checkouts.in to make your every visit memorable.

You can also contribute in making it memorable for others by sharing the places you have visited.



Checkouts.in Team